Sunday, June 20, 2010

sisterhood is powerful

i just went book-crazy and orderd five books from small press distribution & tarpaulin sky. why the book madness? both are having sales! & it is always good to sate one's thirst for new reading while also supporting small presses. my orders:

man's companions-joanna ruocco
the mothering coven-joanna ruocco
changing-lily hoang
parabola-lily hoang

i just finished re-reading one of my favorite books of all time, applesauce by june arnold. an excerpt:

"'I castrate,' she said. 'I love men if they have penes. I collect these. All sizes and flavors. I yank them off, cut them off, sometimes just pull and they separate themselves from the major body as if they had already been perforated. You'd be surprised how many have. Just tear along the dotted line. What do I want with them? Nothing. That's the beauty of it. I just toss them all in a barrel on the back porch, like pickles. Theoretically, anybody who wants his back can come get it, like a grab bag. Or try another one. That I have nothing to do with. Everyone'll have to find his own Wendy to get it sewn back on.'"

also do head on over to word riot to read an interview with anna joy springer, author of the birdwisher.

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