Wednesday, December 15, 2010


last night i had the great pleasure of attending the premier of the above advertised documentary in los angeles. pamela des barres and several of her cohorts- including miss mercy, who i think may've been the best dressed member of the GTOs- were in attendance and i couldn't help but approach pamela after the movie to gush at her a bit, about how much i love her books & writing style (which is so pulsing with energy, sweetness & adoration, you wouldn't believe). the documentary will be on vh1 starting 12/15, i believe, so do try and catch it- read the book too, because it's a much more extended take on all these ladies & their adventures, plus some.

it is really beautiful to see women united by passion, sharing their stories with an enraptured, appreciative audience.

pamela des barres (doing courtney love's look about 30 years before courtney):

miss mercy:

the gtos:

(the modern-day ladies of sf in particular owe some huge debt to these ladies for their now oft-imitated style!)

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  1. oh so so fun! wish i could have been there. next time!