Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


a few years ago i saw bits & pieces of footage from this documentary, shakedown. if you have any $ to spare, and enjoy supporting the arts (YOU DO RIGHT?), this is a really interesting & important project made by an awesome human being:

"This films structure employs the cycle of money exchanged and passed through the world as a metaphor for energy; from costume maker to security guard to patrons to the dancer's children. SHAKEDOWN emphasizes the symbiotic nature of how things work in a system.

The film is anchored in the stories of three women: Ronnie Ron, the creator and emcee of Shakedown, a large butch/stud lesbian and former Jehovah's Witness; Egypt, a single mother, beauty pageant fanatic, and dedicated self - (re)inventor; and Jazmyne, the complicated and sometimes conflicted "Queen" of Shakedown. We go through the process of their labor with them and record what they do, and how they feel about what they are doing.

From a meta-perspective, queer cultural production remains at the fringes of society today. It is largely undocumented, and therefore communities and art forms continuously disappear as stories are forgotten. SHAKEDOWN, is an entirely self-funded project. We need your help to complete the edit of the film, master the sound and score, color correct the images, fly to LA to shoot our final interviews with the dancers and have an amazing premiere in cities across America."

you can pledge funds at the shakedown kickstarter page here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

a big loan from the girl zone

it's been fifteen years since one of my favorite albums ever made was released. boys for pele is a listening experience that is never easy but always rewarding, tremendously beautiful and difficult and unique. it served me well when i was thirteen and it serves me well, in different ways, today. the art made for the album is also incredibly visceral and close to my heart- i still have a BFP poster hanging on my wall.

i capture the castle

Sunday, January 23, 2011

the week past

a great thing to listen to while running to nowhere at the gym:

a shiny thing to smear on one's eyelids for maximum glitteryness:

an engaging thing to read in bed on a saturday night if one's belly is full of blood:

a wonderful thing to listen to while i write rhani a letter:

a magnificent thing to listen to all the time but especially when walking the pug:

a synthy thing to listen to while dressing oneself in the morning:

a surprising thing to find stuck to one of the kitchen towels weeks after losing it:

Friday, January 21, 2011

to a garden

(click to enlarge)
only 1o days left to submit to the next issue of prayers for children! and trust me, you want to, because the submissions we've received so far are extraordinary. and excuse me for tooting my own horn (as well as those of co-curators/founders jody & keith) but i think it's one of the best curated journals on the web. join us!

boom boom boom

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

this dress, this music

two wonderful creatures meet in harmony

Monday, January 17, 2011

what we have known

joanna newsom, "what we have known" (live 2007)

what have you done

while in nyc i also had a most excellent time dancing live to mindtroll, aka the makers of 2010's best single as voted by me, "jazz boyfriend." worldwidely famous poet niina sings about haunted beaches & peanut yogurt so already you have a winning recipe, but add a standing drummer, stolen bass & an accordian named fatty & you have what i call TRUE MAGIC. true PUNK magic.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Death of the Patriarchy

death of the patriarchy by mary beth edelson

i saw the above photo collage at nyc moma's current exhibition of photographs by women. it is a spectacular & abundantly inspiring show; i had a pleasure of over-hearing a father explain the above photo to his two children, which he did with grace & an appropriate simpleness for their sake.

another piece i saw at nyc moma is this gorgeous, sad, brilliantly-colored short film by alex prager titled despair:

i watched it twice. both times i felt astonished by the big feelings bryce dallas howard captured in her face during the tight close-ups, eyes weighted with tears & opened huge like massive watery wounds. redheads!

currently reading: slammerkin (thus far, excellent and impossible to put down) by emma donoghue, whose books i was inspired to pursue after seeing the MOST gorgeously binded copy of her new book, room, at the victoria & albert museum in london:

the book was a finalist for the man booker prize; each finalist received a copy of their book bound by an eminent bookbinder in the uk. angela james made the fantastic edition above. what a perfect and lovely gift to offer someone as a prize for recognition of their book.

the release party/reading for rohin guha's relief work was perfect, from start to finish. all the readers- bc edwards, jason helm, matthew gallaway, richard lawson and of course rohin- were SO smart, SO funny, SO charming and SO engaging. truly a dream of a reading. i feel so proud & lucky, to be associated with such folks. google them all & partake of their offerings. matthew gallaway has a book just out called the metropolis case that i am dying to read. the others will have books out one day that i also cannot wait to get my paws on.

lastly, here is a song that i've been listening to on repeat, over and over again:

"all the beautiful worlds" by stevie nicks, an outtake from the wild heart era (possibly my favorite of stevie's solo work.) devastating, haunting, painfully pure auditory magic.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

party out of bounds

tonight i am off to nyc, to co-host this wonderful event! a book release party/reading for Birds of Lace's most recent tome, Relief Work. if you are in the area, please do come by. there will be free cupcakes, Birds of Lace giveaways and, i'm sure, many babes with brains to match.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


download the GTOs record permanent damage here. it is a pre-punk all-girl punk/performance art to-do, insane & wonderful.

into the woods

nevada city: mountains, fog, queen latifah, nicole kidman, junk food, diners, trees, snow, rain, mj, trundle bed, tarot, collage, exquisite corpsing, tea, corn cakes, chocolate, everly brothers, sam cooke, danielle dax, the motels, bat for lashes, boots, hats, cameras, blue arrows, crystals (blue), sweaters, dreams, manifest, swedish foam mattress, eyeliner, lipgloss, lemonade, milkshake

photo documentation by jody