Monday, August 22, 2011


paintings & sculptures & shirts by jason fritz and matt momchilov, from their show currently up at live with animals in brooklyn, ny. from the live with animals website:

"For queers, and many others, the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic created a fear of ones own body as the promise of a future was thrown into jeopardy. As AA Bronson has pointed out, this historical moment was “the continuous interweaving of care-taking, funerals, memorials, anniversaries, and more deaths.“
Using the vast media culture of the late 1980s and early 1990s, which conflated queerness with illness, artists Jason Fritz Michael and Matt Momchilov consider a variety of media tactics from this time and provide a counter-reading of these images from our current moment. The work questions the limitations and failures of self-help, fashion, art, and other media as a stand in for real advocacy, activism and transformation. If we can change our bodies and futures into something not tethered to the chains of death- is this how we do it?"

the show is up until 8/28 and i can't recommend it enough- beautiful, odd, intense, colorful, heart breaking, heart making. visit the live with animals website for more information.