Tuesday, March 13, 2012

birthday weekend

(waffles photo by reba)

i turned twenty-nine years old on friday. some friends and i rented a cabin in my soon-to-be-hometown of nevada city, ca. we ate too much cake, marveled at gene tierney's outfits in heaven can wait, played a piano, stared at the big sky while in a hot tub and drank too many dark and stormys, too much champagne. some of us went to a 3 hour local theater production of harold and maude which featured brief nudity. others (me) were given a late 1800s beaded velvet jacked wrapped in a custom emily dickinson illustration. hello earth.


  1. That is such a majestic birthday!!! I will still wish you a happy one. That is so lovely.

  2. thanks kari! it was most excellent. xox