Wednesday, April 4, 2012

poetry saves #3

today's poem is one of my favorites by emily dickinson; i've posted it before but bears re-posting for its perfectness. i very much recommend purchasing the book from which it came, open me carefully: emily dickinson's intimate letters to susan huntington dickinson, edited by martha nell smith and ellen louise hart.

Sweet Sue,
There is
no first, or last,
in Forever-
It is Centre, there,
all the time-
To believe- is enough,
and the right of
Take back that
"Bee" and "Buttercup"
I have no Field
for them, though
for the Woman
whom I prefer,
Here is Festival-
When my Hands
are Cut, Her
fingers will be
found inside-
Our beautiful Neigh-
bor "moved" in May-
It leaves an
Take the Key to
the Lily, now, and
I will lock the Rose-

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