Thursday, April 12, 2012

poetry saves #7

today's poem is by niina pollari, because that 3rd stanza just kills me too much. purchase her newest chapbook book four here.


A man drew me today
An artist plucked me from a crowd
and put me to the rendering paper

If you were an artist
with an eye of an artist
you'd notice several special things
about me: I am dusted in ochroid down
and I can grow it anytime
Wrench myself
a drippy gold
When I leave a bath the water clings
to my flesh, gold
I have to wrap up in a gritty towel to not be so shocking

Who would grab me underneath the chandelier
by my neck hairs and force me down
That is for ordinaries

Not by looking at me
would you know that there are those whose constitutions glow
some kind of metal that you can beat

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